Stephen L. D'Andrilli

Stephen L. D'Andrilli

President | Co-Founder
Stephen is President and CMO of Arbalest Group. Before that, Stephen founded and served as President and CEO of two security consulting and criminological research firms. Stephen was also a business partner in a New York City licensed indoor gun range. Stephen is a decorated veteran police officer of the New York City Police Department.

While employed with the N.Y.P.D., Stephen earned three University degrees from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Stephen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Science, a Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master in Public Administration degree. Later, Stephen served as an Adjunct Professor/Lecturer of Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Stephen then served as a high school Social Studies Teacher for the New York City Department of Education and served as Dean and Athletic Coach for the Department. He is an expert in personal and corporate security.

Stephen is a National Rifle Association Certified Firearms Instructor (pistol, rifle and shotgun) and Training Counselor, and is an active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. Stephen has testified on firearms, crime, and self-defense before governmental committees and at governmental hearings, on many occasions. He has written many articles on these subjects and has appeared on television and radio. Major national and international newspapers, magazines and professional journals have profiled Stephen.

Stephen is passionate about the Constitution and passionate about the “Bill of Rights,” the cornerstone of the Republic. Stephen is aware the “Bill of Rights” is under attack. Stephen understands that Americans must defend the “Bill of Rights” if they are to protect and preserve their heritage.

Stephen D’Andrilli will be using the pen name “Publius.”